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RRAP is 11ac (dual band 2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz, 1200Gbps) WLAN-Router, 5-Gigabit ports and USB. RRAP works as router, repeater, access point, firewall and switch. As default you can attach router directly to existing DSL/Cable-modem and device is ready to use. RRAP have wide and easy to use web-based management console.

OPENWRT (Linux-based, open program) is downloadable to your use. More specific guides and update package are under this link (additional information and guides are available at openwrt.org). This is making possible to add your own programs/features to A-Link RRAP (the management console of the device are changing by the update to OPENWRT console).

RRAP technical specs as pdf

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SKU : RRAP, EAN code : 6418949022269

Single packed (retail),  Gross weight 0,7kg

Export cartoon : 20pcs, 14.5kg, dimensions 23,5cm (W), 46cm (L), 11cm (H)

EC Customs CN taric code : 84 73 30 00 00 (EC import tax 0%)

Minimum qty for OEM/customized product is 1000pcs.

Product is made in China.