Other supported hardwareAlmost all equipments can be implemented to system. If product is not yet in supported items, then it can be connected to IOTS system in 3 different ways. The most common way is to connect product via Internet Browser (Chrome), The second option is to use IR-controller unit and third option is to install the control software of the equipment to server (software must work under Debian 9.1 Linux OS).

Internet browser (Chrome)

The most common way is control device via Internet browser (Heat pump, Solar panel inverter, IP-camera, NAS-harddisk, PC, TV, Door phone, etc) . Chrome internet browser is installed as default companent to system.

IR-controller (Infra red)

Several devices in the house are using IR-remote controller (Air pumps, etc). These items can be added to system with IR-controller unit that is added to same room as the device. Press link above to connect to IR-controller product page.

Linux program

More sophisticaed systems have made their own Linux software/driver (access control, locks, etc). Just install the software to Linux system and add direct link to it at user interface. 

Send questionary or ask to make support for your device!

We are giving guidence how to make this work in real life and making as many products to work under IOTS as possible.
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