Z-Wave.Me Controller Software Z-WAY (License)

Z-Wave.Me Controller Software Z-WAY (License)
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Description The ZWAYLIC1 software license enables a Z-Wave.Me UZB Smart Home Stick (ZMEEUZB1) running Z-Wave controller software ‘Z-Way’. Just install ‘Z-Way’, go to the expert user interface and include the key code you purchased. Every key code can be used only one time and is stored in the UZB Stick it was used for. This Stick is then portable and can be used on other platforms running ‘Z-Way’ as well. Please note: The license can only be applied when the UZB stick from Z-Wave.Me is used. The software will not work with third-party hardware.Features:Software license enables ZMEEUZB1 Smart Home StickLicense is bound to the UZB stick (works at different PCs) Controls up to 232 Z-Wave devicesSoftware only works with Z-Wave.Me hardware


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