FIBARO Starter Kit

FIBARO Starter Kit
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Description Start into the world of home automation. Turn your home into an intelligent Smart Home. Security, Comfort, Energy Savings – Everything is connected and makes your life easier and more comfortable.You don’t know how to start? No problem!FIBARO has already bundled a range of useful components in this starter kit. Start your smart home with the Z-Wave control center ‘Home Center Lite’ and 5 smart single devices. The starter kit already allows various automation scenes out-of-the-box.Turn a lamp on, which is plugged into the switchable Wall Plug, as soon as the Motion Sensor detects motion. Or switch the Wall Plug off automatically when the window is opened. The Smoke Sensor will alarm acoustically in case of smoke or emerging fire and sends a push notification to your smartphone simultaneously. The Flood Sensor warns also acoustically and with push notification in case of detected water. The FIBARO Starter Kit’s components also allow a lot of other functions and automations. Find it out!FIBARO Home Center Lite (Control Center):Z-Wave Smart Home GatewayCompact designManages up to 230 devicesUser-friendly user interface Creating automation scenesRemote control via web browser and mobile apps (iOS and Android)Dimensions: 90x90x33 mmFIBARO Flood Sensor (Water Leakage Sensor):Alarms in case of water contactPrevents flood damagesAcoustic and optic alarmDetects sudden change in temperature (e.g. freez or fire)Tilt sensorModern rounded designDimensions: 72x72x28 mmFIBARO Smoke Sensor: Alarms in case of smoke or fireAcoustic and optic alarmInconspicuous rounded designBlack-Box functionEasy installationDimensions: 65x65x28 mmFIBARO Door/Window Sensor:Reports state of windows, doors and gates (open/closed)Applicable for security and comfort scenes simultaneouslyColor: WhiteDimensions: 76x17x19 mmFibaro Wall Plug (Adapter Plug):Switchable adapter plug (type F)Max. Load: 2.500 WEnergy metering function with overload warnerColorful LED ring displays current energy consumption levelExtreme simple useSmallest adapter plugDimensions: 43x43x65 mmFibaro Motion Sensor (Multi-Sensor):Detects motion BewegungMeasures brightness (light intensity) and temperatureTamper protection (accelerometer)Configurable color LED signals temperature level, detected motion etc.Compact spherically designDimensions: 47x47x47 mmFeatures:Starter kit with Z-Wave control center and 5 single devicesComprehensive bundle package allows different automation scenes and functionsEasy expandable with additional Z-Wave componentsFIBARO Home Center LiteFIBARO Flood Sensor FIBARO Smoke Sensor FIBARO Door/Window Sensor FIBARO Wall Plug FIBARO Motion SensorWireless Technology: Z-Wave


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