Certified Installer Toolkit (EU Frequency)

Certified Installer Toolkit (EU Frequency)
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Description The Certified Installer Toolkit (CIT) is a tool for installers to test a Z-Wave network prior to completion to ensure a robust, reliable mesh network is in place, and a powerful tool for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. It may be left behind for logging or even permanent off-site maintenance.Developed by the Z-Wave Alliance with the latest capabilities and offerings; the Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit is a powerful, versatile tool for every installer:Comprehensive network diagnostics and device management, accessible from anywhere in the worldRapidly identifies potential problemsSpectrum analyzer shows noise in the Z-Wave channelsRouting table displays which nodes are neighborsNetwork map graphically displays how nodes are connected to each otherZ-Wave network sniffer (ZNiffer) will show what is actually sent by nodes and identifies the type of messageDisplays advanced node information such as device version, battery level, Z-Wave library version, and moreAccess to Z-Wave device product information including manuals and technical dataThe CIT may be left at a site for long-term testing allowing you to connect to it remotelyThe CIT is Z-Wave Plus certified as a controllerAs a fully capable controller it can set configuration parameters and communicate with all nodes on the network, including those using Z-Wave S0 securityThe CIT comes ready for several languagesIt can only be used for "E" Z-Wave frequency (868,43 MHz) - for other frequencies please refer to CIT for U or CIT for H ATTENTION!  This product is available for Z-Wave Alliance members only.  You will need to provide the registered emailaddress of your Z-Wave Alliance Account to purchase the device. Please check here If you have valid Alliance Account credentials on hand. The same credentials are needed for initial configuration of the CIT.


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