IOTS houseautomation system have easy to use tilebased, graphic user interface.

Operating system is Debian 9.1. Linux (OS)

Default language is english, but several local languages can be chosen. You have direct access to OS from IOTS user interface.
Own programs can be installed and used. Free open source OS is making system multifunctional and flexiple to all types of users.

IOTS user interface (UI)

Tilebased user interface is is easy to use. IOTS1 can be installed directly to TV (HDMI) or monitor (HDMI/VHA). System can be used with normal keyboard and mice, airhouse with keyboard or remote controller. System can be used directly or with computer, tablet PC, smart mobily phone via Internet Browser. Remote access and remote control are possible when these functions are enableb in the system. User interface is supported by KODI for multimedia tasks.

User interface have 7 direct main menu to speed up the selections:

Internet browser

OS is having popular Chrome Internet browser as default. There are some default links and you can add your own favourites to browser..

My files and social media

Own pictures and videos can be stored and viewed. If so preferred your social media accounts Facebook, Instragram, Twitter can be linked to system.

House automation

UI have direct links to houseautomatio, rooms, sensors, reports and settings.

Other selections

Your reports, other services, Internet user settings and link to OS.


System is working as your security center. UI have direct links to camara, NVR recorder unit, motion sensors, on/off switches, locks and access control.


UI language selection, user profiles and add-ons.

Program libraries

Netflix, Cmore, HBO Nordic, Elisa viihde, Telia viihde, DNA viihde, YLE areena, MTV katsomo