IOTS1 is a Linux computer with Debian 9.1 OS. It have large variety of installed and ready to features like Home automation, Security, Entertainment, Personal computer, 3rd party services (upon request) and Remote access (optional). Just turn on the power. The OS system is available to user and you can add your own favourites to Internet browser, add photos/videos and install your own programs to IOTS1 flash drive. System have Intel Celeron CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB NAND, 5 USB-ports and normal USB kb/mouse can be used with it. 

Home automation

Sensors, Electric measuring, Electric management, Lightning.Temperature, Humidity, Water, Gas/smoke, IR-control/heat pumps, Doors/windows, Locks, Energy saving 

Security centre

Cameras, Doors, Windows, Locks, Motion, Fire, Gas, Water leakage, Access control


Netflix, CMore, HBO Nordic, Local ISP operator TV-services, Karaoke

Personal Computer

Internet browser (Chrome), Office tools (Libre office), Games and Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

3rd party services

Healthcare, Security, Weather, Electric, Energy, Water, Waste, Locator service, Travel, Food, Software, Hardware, Banking, Insurance + more 

Remote access

Remark: each user level/function  will be opened by the system owner. Remote use by another PC, Remote access from mobile device. Optional usage by 3rd party service partner Healthcare, Security, Electric, etc

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