A-Link IOTSis a versatile, easy to use and pargain house automation system.                                                                                                                            
The core of the system is a server computer that collects information from sensors and controls equipments in the house.                    

Server, Hardware

System is using powerful and reliable Intel Celeron prosessor. It have 2GB RAM, 32GB Flash Drive, 5 USB-ports and it have strong aluminium metal housing. TV/monitor can be used.

Operating system and user interface

OS is Linux Debian 9.1. User interface is clear and easy to use menu-based screen that can be used via TV, monitor, tablet or mobile phone.


System is supporting directly over 2100 sensors with 600+ brands. Sensors can measure/control devices for temperature, motion, lightning, electricity, etc.

Other equipment

Thousands of 3rd party equipment can be used if they can be used via Internet Browser (most), Linux program (access control) or IR-controller (heat pumps, etc)


System can be linked with several several partners. Healthcare, Electricity, Water, Security, Weather, Transportation, etc

Databank and web-services

System is linked with iot.technology web portal. There your measurement results can be stored, compared with s partner data, make high-end reports and optionally remote access.

Who is the target group?

Main target groups are private house owners and small/medium size companies. The system can be altered for single room healthcare solution to large industrial building, all depends on your budget and personal requirements.

What is the price for the fully working system?