Home automation system can join together several types of equipments

  • Servers

    can join several type of equipment together and mazimaze the benefits of the modern system.
  • Sensors

    measure real time information.
  • Electric meters

    supply you real time information about electricity consumption.
  • Heating and climate control

    can bring huge savings.
  • Shutter and Window control

    give you control of your house and privacy.
  • Sirens and Locks

    are making building more safe. Lock can be managed remotely.
  • Switches and Dimmers

    are the most easy and comfortable to start utilizing the smart living.
  • Wall plugs

    fast and efficient way to start saving in energy consamption.
  • Z-Wave controllers

    are required to get pC to communicate with other Z-Wave devices.
  • Special applications

    are available to fullfill the demands of the customer requirements.
  • Others

    are devices that donĀ“t directly match with the catecories above. Like IR-receiver that link heat pumps under the IOTS management system.