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CUUm2 is new 2-sided microUSB cable, length 100 cm,  standard connectors (microUSB A and USB A) and reliable flat cable.

This new generation microUSB cable is having unique 2-sided microUSB connector. The cable can installed to device on both sides (both sides charge and transfer data), this feature makes installation much more easy and faster than before ("old" type cable can be installed only 1-way).

CUUm2 technical specs as pdf.


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SKU : CUUm2, EAN Code : 6418949044094

Single pack, plastic pag with hole and barcoded product information, Gross weight 0,025 kg

Cartoon : 100pcs, 2.5kg, dimensions 23,5cm (W), 46cm (L), 11cm (H)

Export cartoon : 400 pcs, 11kg, dimensions 47cm (W), 48 cm (L), 24.3cm (H)

Customs taric CN code : 8544429090 (EC tax 3.3%)

Minimum qty for OEM/Customized product 2000pcs.

Product is made in China.