1.       Coverage of the warranty

A-Link gives limited warranty to all new products accordance on these warranty terms, which applies to material and manufacturing defects. However, the warranty does not cover any matters specifically mentioned on step 6.


2.       Onset and duration of warranty

The product warranty begins on the date of purchase when the product has been bought. The purchase receipt works as warranty guarantee. The warranty is 12 months from the date of purchase, or as in mentioned on step 3.


3.       Factory warranty

The factory warranty period is from the year of manufacture of the product until the end of next year. First number from product serial number is the year of manufacture (ex. 4 = 2014), factory warranty lasts from year manufacture to the end of next year (ex. 2015). Products that does not have serial number or the serial number cannot be verified, the warranty period will be as mentioned on step 2.


4.       Conditions of warranty repair

The warranty repairs will be conditional on:

a)      damage has occurred on normal conditions of use,

b)      installation, operation and maintenance instructions have been followed,

c)       RMA application form has been properly filled and guarantee of return authorization has been received.


5.       Repaider product warranty

The product which has been repaired on warranty, has continuing warranty until the end of the original warranty period.


6.       Limitations of warranty

The warranty does not cover:

a)      repairing of defects due to natural wear and tear, incorrect use, lack of or improper maintenance of other than A-Link,

b)      compensation for direct or indirect damage caused by a defective product,

c)       repairing the defect, if someone other than A-Link has made modifications or repairs to the product,

d)      damages caused by lightning or other natural phenomena.


7.       Disagreements


Relating to the agreement between the supplier and the customer disputes will primarily aim to resolve between the Contracting Parties. Unless agreed otherwise, any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be settled by one arbitrator in accordance with the Central Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules.

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